Development of energy-technological complex for biomass drying (corn, wood chips, sawdust)

A brief project description

Description of goods, technology, products, services (further — product)

Existing technologies

This technology allows to carry out drying out of local biomass resources (wood, peat, products and crop residues and forest products) without any environmental harm.

Types of applied fuel may vary: not only a gas burner, burner with liquid fuels (diesel, heating oil), but also the biomass burner (wood chips, sawdust, waste biomass from crops) may be used.

Technological problems solutions

— A new ecologically clean technology and equipment for biomass drying;

— Technology and equipment provide the necessary thermal processing of biomass;

— Non-waste technology;

— Equipment design allows you to:

1) to use the same equipment for drying different types of biomass;

2) to ensure maximum use of biomass in the drying and burning process;

3) can be made in fixed and mobile versions.

Environmental and feasibility progress of the project implementation

  • Environmentally clean technology and equipment can reduce two — two and a half times to reduce capital costs by reducing or excluding the cost of gas treatment equipment.
  • The construction of the complex allows to reduce operating costs in half — two times by the use of waste and reduction of gas-cleaning equipment.

Commercialization schemes and activities for implementation of its findings

  • Availability of “unlimited” raw ability of biomass in Russia and in the world present significant opportunities for the implementation of the proposed innovative project in Russia and abroad;
  • The organization of mass equipment production for this project will provide an opportunity for small and medium-sized enterprises to dispose of the technological waste of biomass;
  • Optimal use of semi-products produced in the technological process will significantly expand the commercialization opportunities of this innovative project.

Target market description

The project may be applied in the widest range of spheres, first of all in agriculture and wood processing industries.

The main obstacle in the further implementation of the innovative project is the absence of existing industrial installation.

Project description and products release

In 2015 — industrial plant’s construction and commissioning, obtaining of all equipment and products permits, advertising campaign.

The main obstacle for project realization

The main obstacle to the implementation of the proposed innovative project is the lack of seed capital for the industrial plants, which could produce prototypes, experimental and pilot batches of the final product for the delivery of the samples to potential buyers.

Industrial plant will serve as an equipment model to obtain all necessary documentation both for the equipment and the final products. In addition, the attendants can be trained on the same site.