About us

«Firma «ECOPROMSTROY» Ltd. («Firma «EPS» Ltd. in abbreviated form) was founded in 2000. Company’s core business activities are research and development in engineering and natural sciences. The main objective of the company is to promote resource-conserving technologies, energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable methods of biofuel production and use.

The company carries out applied scientific research and development activities on energy technological use of biomass feedstocks, including wood by-products and agricultural waste.

Insight aims to improve the environmental performance and energy efficiency in Novgorod region and Northwestern Federal District, as well as to introduce environmentally-friendly technology solutions for producing building materials, fuel and energy technological equipment.

Wood waste reduction activities are carried out by «Firma «EPS» Ltd. both in Velikiy Novgorod and Novgorod region. The company successfully delivers wood waste projects in the following areas: bioenergy, wood waste recycling, agriculture and environmental education.

In particular, the company works with emerging wood and agricultural waste recycling technologies. It has extensive experience in adapting Danish, Swedish, Norwegian technologies and equipment. «Firma «EPS» has got best practices in burning waste disposal, wood waste composting, producing building materials (sawdust and wood concrete), fuel briquettes, colored wood chips, mulch.

«Firma «EPS» Ltd. is widely known as manufacturer of high-quality wood smoking materials, such as alder smoking chips, alder firewood, kindle for stoves and fireplaces.

The company develops waste incinerator boilers manufacturing technologies, which are suitable for wood, agricultural wastes and solid waste. The boilers have the automatic feeding system, battery and can be managed with GSM devices.

The main innovation project of «Firma «EPS» Ltd. is the development of the burners and stockers for the water-heating boilers 15-200 kW which are using solid wood (wood pellets, wood chips, wood and agricultural waste), as well as the production of innovative types of eco-friendly fuel for boilers (wood chips, firewood, fuel briquettes, fuel wood chips). These projects are carried out taking into consideration the Scandinavian experience, as well as using self-produced waste heat boilers as well as the boilers on diesel, gas and other types of fuel.

«Firma «EPS» Ltd. took part and arranged environmental projects in cooperation with Norway and Denmark, sustainable energy projects with Finland, Sweden, Germany and Estonia, TACIS project «E-skills for Russian SMEs».

In the basis of further development «Firma «EPS» Ltd. would like to create an international partnership network which enables to deliver and apply world-class experience in biofuel production and use. In particular, we are looking for new sales areas for biofuel equipment, wood products (alder chips, alder firewood, kindle) and biofuel boilers.

«Firma «EPS» Ltd. looks forward to carrying out applied research and development activities in cooperation with scientific institutions, funds, manufacturers and biofuel consumers of Hansa cities. The company is eager to share expertise and knowledge and to provide efficient solutions of wood waste recycling, and invites partners for promoting and exporting Novgorodian eco-friendly products to the European market.