Innovation project description "The development of energy-technological complex for biomass drying (corn, wood chips, sawdust)"

Innovation project description


Full name of innovation project

The development of energy-technological complex for biomass drying (corn, wood chips, sawdust)


Application area, analogs, novelty of development

Agriculture, wood industry, bioenergy.


Development Stage (design, prototype, prepared production, mass production)



Structure of financial resources (budget, off-budget, equity in %)

Equity 100%


Economic efficiency

5.1 Commercialization scheme of the development / project (technology transfer, selling licenses, establishment of production, sale of business, etc.)

Creation of production, sales licenses, transfer of technology


5.2 The main time and cost characteristics of innovation / project.

Years 2010-2015

Cost of project - 7 300 000 rubles


5.3 Developer risks, investor risks, market competition (perceived risks, the cost valuation of their consequences and measures to reduce)

Creation of new cheaper and more efficient fuels, used for obtaining thermal energy.


Rating of markets (Russian and foreign)

Russian, foreign


Social Impact (promoting employment, improving quality of life)

Promoting employment - creation of new jobs, improving the quality of life - the use of clean technologies, the use of resource-saving technologies


Legal safety objects of intellectual property (protection document, № patent date of issuing documents)

Russian Federation Patent № 2359187. Publ. 20.06.2009 year Bulletin № 17.

Russian Federation Patent № 2269079. Publ. 27.01.2006 year Bulletin № 3.



9.1 The certificate of quality system products (№, date of issue)

Obligatory certification is not required


9.2 Certificates of conformity and product safety (№, date of issue)

Obligatory certification is not required


Ecological safety

Application of clean closed technological modes of drying


Scientific and technical description (highlight competitive advantage, innovation)

The proposed technological and technical solutions allow to increase performance of drying equipment by 15-20%, to improve the uniformity of the implementation of the drying process by 5-11%, to reduce its energy consumption.


Technology of an innovation project

This technology allows to carry out drying out of local biomass resources (wood, peat, products and crop residues and forest products) without any environmental harm.

Types of applied fuel that also may be used:

- The gas burner;

- Burner on liquid fuel (diesel, heating oil)

- Burner for biomass (wood chips, sawdust, waste biomass from crops).


Technological problems solutions

- A new ecologically clean technology and equipment for drying of biomass were designed;

- Technology and equipment provide the necessary thermal processing of biomass;

- Non-waste technology;

- Equipment design allows you to:

1) to use the same equipment for drying different types of biomass;

2) to ensure maximum use of biomass in the process of drying and burning;

3) can be made in fixed and mobile versions.


Commercialization schemes of projects and activities on implementation of its findings

- Availability of "unlimited" raw ability of biomass in Russia and in the world present significant opportunities for the implementation of the proposed innovative project in Russia and abroad;

- The organization of mass equipment production for this project will provide an opportunity for small and medium-sized enterprises to dispose of the technological waste of biomass;

- Optimal use of semi-products produced in the technological process will significantly expand the commercialization opportunities of this innovative project.


Introduction market description of innovative projects

Agriculture and wood processing


Major obstacles for innovative projects implementation

Absence of start-up capital for the construction of industrial plants, which could get prototypes, experimental and pilot batches of the finished product for the delivery of the samples to potential customers.


Promotion technologies of innovation / project

Participation in exhibitions in Russia and abroad, the use of information technology, individual work with potential customers.


Presentation of the innovative project at exhibitions (diplomas, medals, certificates)

St. Petersburg Technical Fair XVII International Exhibition - Congress "High Technologies. Innovation. Investment "(H1-TECH) (15-17 March 2011).

- Diploma of the 2nd degree (with the award of the silver medal) in the category "Industrial ecology, environmental management," for "The development of energy-technological complex for drying of biomass (corn, wood chips, sawdust)